How will our smart homes look in the future?

With everything from voice-activated assistants, to smart gas and electric meters appearing in many homes, it’s clear that our domestic lives are starting to feel the effects of the digital revolution.

Whilst certain household items like white metal bed frames and comfortable leather sofas will have an evergreen appeal, there are plenty more technologically advanced items that will find their way into our homes over the coming years.

We have already seen how the competition between Amazon and Google to dominate smart assistant markets has caused a flurry of retail activity. And although these voice-activated assistants can do everything from tell us the weather to play our favourite songs, it seems that there are plenty of other household items that are becoming computerised.

Many homes will now have smart meters that enable the resident to monitor their energy use and adjust their gas and electricity levels accordingly. And the rise of the smart home has led to the smartphone become the hub of many seemingly simple household tasks.

From using your mobile to activate your Nuki keyless electronic door lock, to adjusting the heat levels on your Nest thermostat via a tablet, it seems that there are few operations that don’t feature a little smart assistance.

Even somewhere as technology-proof as the bedroom has seen the gradual incursion of digital innovations. Whilst most of us would be unlikely to abandon design classics like the metal beds found at the Bedstar website, we’ve seen some brands attempting to tempt us with smart mattresses that can automatically govern the heat levels to provide a superior sleeping experience.

But if you find the idea of your mattress telling you how well you slept last night a little too futuristic, then bear in mind that there’s plenty more digital help in the kitchen.

From refrigerators that can write your shopping list for you, to smart toasters that can deliver you a perfectly browned slice of toast, it seems that there’s nothing that technology can’t help with – even if the idea of a smart frying pan might be taking things a step too far.

Whilst there will be many people who don’t want reminders from their fridge about when they next need to buy milk, it’s clear that these innovations all aim to make our home lives easier.

So that whether we are ordering in food via our smart telephone, or are putting a smart mattress on our white metal bed frame, then we can afford to live a slightly more luxurious life.

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