What Affects Your Internet Speed

Isn’t it irritating when you are busy with your computer, either researching topics for work, uploading files to a client on a time sensitive project or just having fun watching movies or playing online games with friends and family and the whole process suddenly seems to lag awfully?

That happens more often than you know, and it can get quite frustrating to not know the reasons behind that slow internet speeds.

Is it your ISP? You know you’ve complained about them long enough, but could they be the reason why your internet speeds suddenly slowed down to a crawl?

Or perhaps it is all the gaming your sibling does – you’ve suspected as much that they’ve been hogging all the bandwidth day and night, and your slow internet speed is proof of that.

But instead of jumping to conclusions and running around in circles, it’s always better to be well informed. That is why we particularly like this infographic created by the BlueGadgetTooth team, which clearly lays out ten factors affecting your internet speed.

There are certain factors that we might have never thought of – for example, our host server being the culprit behind our speed. If you have your own website and are trying to promote it, working around the clock to upload new content and manage the traffic, your host server could be a major reason behind your slow speed. This is because your host server could perhaps not be well equipped to handle the sudden growth in traffic load on their servers.

If this is the case, then you should upgrade your plan with them, or if need be, make a change to a totally different host server. There are many out there that will be glad to do business with you.

But more often than not, it could be a simple case of a need to upgrade. Upgrade your subscription plan with your ISP so you have access to faster speeds, which could solve your slow internet problems, or Upgrade your electronic devices.

Your devices determine how well your online experience is. If they are older gadgets, their OS or processing power may not be strong enough to handle the load you place on them.

If you are a gamer, you may find wireless connectivity to be inadequate for your gaming experience. It would better for you to get your gaming consoles Ethernet wired, to avoid any latency issues which accompany wireless connections. In virtual situations where time and speed is of the essence, getting hardwired may just save you.

Knowing all these factors helps to come up with solutions faster and better so that the problem can be tackled.

Why wait for a tech to stop by your house, after you hound customer care for hours on end, all the while going mad with the same mindless tune playing as you’re kept on hold. That definitely sounds like more work than just taking a quick look at this infographic. Best of all, you don’t have tons of text to wade through, just simple points to let you know enough of what is possibly wrong.

Being well informed on factors causing slow internet speeds was never easier.


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