Extending Your Tablet or Wi-fi Antenna

As prices come down in the electronics business for tablets that can perform most of the Internet duties that you need them to, it can become attractive for people to just buy new accessories instead of upgrading them.

After all, most tablets and Wi-Fi hotspot receivers and antennas are not exactly easy to crack open and start adding parts to. Fortunately, there are some upgrades that are both easy to do and make sense when you want to extend your capabilities. Here are a few of the latest ways to enhance your home electronics gear:

Turbo-charge your Wi-fi reception:

If you are frequently out of range of Wi-Fi connectivity with your tablet, consider looking at an Ipex connector that is tied to an RF connector as a replacement for the Wi-Fi modem that you currently have inside your tablet.
It isn’t that difficult for you to install it. You merely need to locate where your connector is plugged in and replace the plug. You can then add an antenna to the connector that will allow you to receive a signal from much further away. If you are working with an antenna that you want to extend, you can also boost the signal by adding antenna capacity using a connector that feeds more signal to your antenna.

In some areas, it is possible to pick up Wi-Fi towers that are normally impossible for a standalone smartphone or tablet to receive. The net result is that you can save money on your Internet service if you install everything correctly.

Bluetooth networking:

The bluetooth networking standard has now been passed, making it easy for you to start to look at putting bluetooth network connectors near your led lighting systems. If you have bluetooth connectivity with your lights, you can run your entire home or business from your tablet using an application that optimizes your place for efficiency and effect over Bluetooth.

Hdmi cable or converter:

If your tablet screen size is only 7 or 8 inches, you might enjoy yourself more if you just plugged it into your television and used it as a combination mouse and touch pad while the real action is going on on your television screen. Using Hdmi cable, you can port your entire experience from Android, including Netflix movies or HBO that you may have playing.

Of course most home televisions have a different set of features so it is hard to predict what combination you will end up being comfortable with. Perhaps the main thing is that if you do not have direct web access to video through your Television, serving it up from your tablet is just as enjoyable.

Upgrading your tablet or antenna is possibly something a geek would do. But if you want better performance and to save money, you might need to become that geek, if only for a few hours.

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