Review of Cherry Rush – an app store for real online gaming

Playing online games online is something that is being embraced by more and more people, making the ongoing absence of real-play gaming apps from the Google Play Store something of a head-scratcher. It has certainly been a frustrating experience for those who want to be able to download and play such games on Android mobiles, but now has appeared on the scene to bring that frustration to an end.

This is an app store –similar to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store – but with one all-important difference. All of the games apps that you will find at are real-play casino ones: it was created as the first app store specifically dedicated to this .The aim behind it was to group all of these apps together in one place, make them available to download from the store at no cost and then also provide the sort of information that would let visitors make the most informed choice about which of the many casino apps they should add to their phones.

You see, does not just make the apps available, it also reviews each one so that you can find out how strong a selection of casino games it has, whether it is easy to navigate around and use, how secure it is and all of the other information you need to know before adding it to your phone. Alongside the detailed written reviews, there are also screenshots of each casino app so that you can get an idea of the graphics quality and layout. Furthermore, for those who do not want to read a lengthy review filled with detailed information, each app is rated – so you can see at a glance how the knowledgeable staff at rank its quality.

The rating system is not the only way that this app store lets you find the highest quality real-play casino apps quickly, as it also provides top picks and recommendations from its staff – as well as a changing list of trending apps made up those that are most frequently downloaded by CherryRush users. The store even gives you a choice about how you actually use your chosen app, as you can opt for the instant play method – which means the casino loads within your phone’s internet browser, or you can download it as an app and play that way. CherryRush guarantees a fast and smooth download if you take that option, so you really can’t lose either way if you decide to visit this app store. It is hard to see how anyone who wants to find the best casino apps offering real play for real money with the least possible hassle would not choose this store to do so. is clearly filling a gap in the market that mobile casino fans have been craving, as its success since launching proves.


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