Fundamental SEO Strategy for Online Business

seo strategy

One of the significant marketing strategies that can propel business in the internet is search engine optimization(SEO), there are techniques embedded on this process where website is designed to be aligned from search engine algorithms. To be ranked well on search engines, companies should learn to adapt and innovate from the better-evolving search engine algorithm —-and it’s not an easy task. They need to maintain the site’s content quality, social media presence or mainly applying all the best practices to rank-up well on their relevant and targeted keywords’ rank.

If you want to get your business on competitive search engine rank, here are the fundamental strategies you can apply to optimize your websites:

Focus Keywords

One of the fundamental steps on our SEO strategy is the keyword research. It’s learning what ‘targeted keywords’ people are searching on the search engine to find your business or products. Google AdWords Keyword Tool can greatly help on this task, the tool can return the combination of keywords and the competition on that keyword niche. From here, you can plan to focus on less competitive niche keywords where you can rank easier. Most likely, less competitive keywords can be a phrase with combination of two or five words. You focus these keywords on meta tags which seemed to still play a big role in SEO.

Investing in SEO for your online business could have great returns in the long run, you can start the project by hiring firms which offers SEO services i.e. SEO agency Sydney, it’s necessary to start in proven SEO methodology especially if the site have existing contents that needs to be optimized.

Content is King

High quality content is the forefront of all marketing strategies, creating unique, high quality and useful content will not only help on ranking your keywords but will create positive consumer experiences. Interesting content will likely go miles promoting your authority on that niche product or services. It can be on the form of social media friendly medium, such as text content, media like photo or video, infographics in which nowadays can trend and hit millions of eyes overnight.

Socialize in social media

Search engine algorithm is getting wiser, and right now it’s significantly factoring social media presence to rank up a website’s reach and authority. Facebook pages which normally the face of business on the social media should be properly maintained, community-oriented and credibly-responsive. Signals from popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are relevant to search engine algorithm, so try to focus on establishing strong presence on these platforms.

Discoverable Backlinks

If you have a content that is king, wait for several days and you’ll have backlinks that are queen. High quality and interesting content returns incredible amount of positive impact to your business and authority. It makes your business discoverable through backlinks which came normally from other influencers who shares, writes, blogs about your content or products. However, if you’re really on a campaign, you can periodically submit press releases and contact other websites to partner up and link-up contents.

In addition, you can also add quality images to your content and make sure it’s keyword optimized as users are not only searching for search results but also for images.

Keep on optimizing your website and be up-to-date on the latest algorithm changes, analyze your competition’s optimization techniques and derive your own innovative strategies to get ahead of the competitors.


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