Restore Data With The Help Of EaseUS

There are two primary users among data recovery utilities. The average person and the person who works in tech. If you, like me, are an average user, you are searching for a recovery tool for one of two reasons either it is way too late and the web has you or you have lost data you want back. The other people, who work in tech look for these things regularly. 

Consider checking out EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. It may fit what you are looking for. 


For the average user cost is a consideration, since the only budget we have to work with on this is our own. Good news on that. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is, as the name implies, free data recovery software.

There are three levels of this recovery tool: The Pro + WinPE for just under $100; the pro for just under $70; and the free data recovery software. 

This piece will focus on the free data recovery software, so read on to determine whether it offers what you need. But keep in mind the higher levels offer more features.



It may seem obvious that your operating system will determine your software. That is the case here too.  The good news is that EaseUS offers the free data recovery software in both Windows and Mac varieties.

However, if you are hoping to hold and run this software on an Android device, you are on your own. There is no official copy available at the moment. 


Basic Features

As you might expect you can recover deleted files. That includes deleted, formatted, and otherwise inaccessible files. The process may be easier than you would expect too. The software is designed to make process as automated as possible. So, when you are ready to recover deleted files, the software does the search for you. Then you select which ones you want. 

Keep in mind you can recover deleted files, folders, partitions, etcetera for many reasons. This software lists capabilities for deleted files, corrupt files, virus attacks, and other cases. 

The details always determine the real-world function.  But the EaseUS software is designed to address many of the most common data loss causes. 


Limits Before You Start

You should be mindful, with the free versions there are some limits. You are only allowed to recover 2 gigabytes of data. So, if you want to recover deleted files from a small collection you should be covered. If you have major recovery in mind or need regular maintenance think first. Using the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free to recover deleted files so that you have a feel for the software before upgrading might be realistic.  

It is in your hands now. Physicists say data is neither created nor destroyed; may all your data return to you. 

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