Benefit Your Business With A Virtual Private Server

For growing businesses, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is quickly becoming a preferred option over shared hosting because it gives companies the room to navigate their own online affairs without worrying about disturbing others connected to the same network or monopolizing network resources. In terms of benefiting their enterprise, a private server offers faster speeds as well as a great amount of security. While many small businesses start by choosing the cheapest shared hosting package, a VPS would be the next step up. For many it can be compared to moving from a small condo apartment, into a single-family home in a quieter neighbourhood, or from using public transportation to hiring a taxi service – more space and more control.

VPS typically offers greater security, reliability and speed, so a business is less likely to be affected by another’s traffic. CPU, RAM and disk space are also increased however, offering vital solutions that promote growth. It’s an ideal option for those ready to move from shared hosting but who aren’t in need of a dedicated server quite yet. Virtual private server hosting offers websites access to more powerful hardware, and gives each one a dedicated amount of virtual space with allocated reserves. What’s more is switching to a VPS is more affordable now than it ever has been, so if shared hosting is no longer serving your organization, you can now enjoy the power, stability and control of an exclusive virtual arena for less.

One Canadian webhost offering trusted and inexpensive VPS solutions is Host Papa, offering easy to use cPanel and root-level access through your VPS manager, and dedicated and scalable computing resources with enhanced SSD drives. You’ll even get around the clock, award-winning support from their PapaSquad VPS experts regardless which package you choose to go with. Both you and your visitors will also enjoy lightning fast speeds, and the assurance that your website is provisioned only on blacklist free IPs. Right now, when you order your VPS package, you also save between 70-85% off your first month.

By switching to a VPS you will be able to host unlimited domains and websites as well, perfect for companies with multiple project or endeavour-related sister sites, or for marketing companies that manage numerous clients’ websites as well as their own. In the case of the latter, this webhost can seamlessly switch websites hosted by other platforms onto their own. A VPS is also an excellent option for those selling product online, as it gives customers the comfort of knowing their sensitive information is carefully protected.

To conclude, there are a wide variety of alternate options available for those frustrated by the rigid or claustrophobic sensations shared hosting can leave. Choosing a VPS from a reputable webhost can offer expanding businesses the breathing room they need to pursue larger initiatives and connect with more clients (or users) at once, much like what a larger office infrastructure would provide in the material world.

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