Nintendo Mini SNES announced

One of the greatest gaming console of all time that popularized legendary titles like Super Mario Kart, Super Metroid and Yoshi’s Island will be making a ‘mini’ comeback from 1990s. Gaming giant Nintendo has just announced that it will be launching the Mini Super Nintendo Entertainment System(SNES) on September 29th.

The newer and smaller 1990 machine will be priced at £79 ($79) packed with 21 titles such as Super Mario World, Super Punch Out, Legend of Zelda and never-before released Star Fox 2, a flight combat adventure that was abandoned back in 1995.

The Mini SNES will feature an HDMI cable that you hook on your modern TVs, however, unfortunately, it’s offline so you can’t add any new titles. But the good thing, you can socialize or compete with your siblings with its two controllers.

Now all you need to do is be quick as the previous £50 Mini NES launch —-it is sold out almost immediately. Likewise, could be the scenario for the Mini SNES with scalper on the run looking at this new console a valuable item where you can easily double or triple the price on eBay.

Look at the Amazon, the Mini NES is listed around $200+, told you.

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