Why Choosing a Refurbished Laptop is a Smart Decision

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Are you in the market for a new laptop? When looking at the various options available, you’ll probably have a bunch of considerations in mind that match your specific requirements. For instance, you’ll want the check the screen quality, size, CPU, RAM, battery life, and manufacturing company. Above all, you’ll want to factor in the price. When you have a budget to work within, you’ll want to look for gadgets that have all the specifications you need but also give you good value for money. When scouting around the various websites, make sure you add refurbished laptops to your list of possibilities. But, buying a refurbished device really a smart decision?

Don’t Confuse Refurbished Laptops with Used Devices

Understanding Used Devices:

Used laptops are exactly what they are – used. Their owners have utilized them for a while and then opted to sell the gadgets replacing them with new ones. If the owners used their devices with care, you could find one in good condition. However, you can also expect that the components have worn out and are quite likely to fail within a short time. You must also be aware of the possibility that the dealer replaced or repaired some of the parts before putting it up for sale.

Understanding Refurbished Laptops:

According to Consumer Reports, only around 5% of refurbished laptops and other devices have any serious defect. When the original manufacturers or certified dealers receive such products, they check them carefully for damage and defects. If any issues are found, the devices are repaired, repackaged, and prepped for resale. You’ll be surprised to know that many of the refurbished devices available in the market haven’t been used at all. Here are some of the typical reasons why they’ve been put back up for sale.

  • The buyer decided he didn’t want the product after all.
  • The seller made an error in the transaction or billing because of which the buyer returned the product.
  • There was an error in the pricing or credit card payment because of which the transaction was canceled.
  • The manufacturer assigned the device to a blogger or reviewer for the purpose of writing reviews or advertising.
  • The product was used in a retail outlet so customers could examine it before placing an order.
  • The product was returned without the packaging having been opened.
  • The buyer returned the device because the package was damaged during shipping.
  • The device was slightly damaged during shipping because of which the buyer chose to return it. Such damages typically include a minor dent or scratch that doesn’t affect the working of the device at all.
  • The buyer received delivery of the laptop, opened it, but returned it without using it.
  • The device had a defective part that needed to be replaced.


So, you see, by conducting a bit of research, you have a very real chance of finding a refurbished laptop that hasn’t been used at all or for only a very short time.

Here are a Bunch of Other Positives You Should be Aware of

  • The most attractive positive for buying a refurbished laptop is that you might be able to find a brand new gadget at prices that are 15% to 30% lower than that of a new laptop.
  • Original manufacturers have a separate section on their websites where they offer you such devices. For this reason, you can rest assured that you’ll get good quality products. That’s because they are likely to check each laptop carefully against their strict quality control standards. They’ll also replace any components that aren’t working properly or are damaged.
  • Manufacturers typically offer buyers attractive warranties on their refurbished products that may extend for longer than a year.

Tick Off this Checklist and You Could Find a Great Refurbished Laptop

  • A good indicator that the laptop has only been used a short while is the original release date of the computer model you’re looking at. Search on Google for AMD processors or Intel’s ARK. You’ll find the information you need.
  • Check if the refurbished device comes with a certificate of assurance issued by the manufacturing company. When they check each device, they’ll assign it a new serial number. These details should reassure you that you have a good deal.
  • Refurbished laptops have a certificate that includes a list of the possible defects. Go through them carefully when choosing the one you like.
  • If the manufacturing company or dealer offers you a warranty ranging from 90 days to a year, you’ll know that you can safely buy the device. As an added incentive, some sellers may offer you a warranty of up to 3 years or even the option of purchasing an extended service agreement. These deals should further convince you of a great buy.
  • If the seller stands behind the refurbished laptop, he might offer you a return policy ranging from 2 weeks to 30 days and sometimes, even 90 days.  


Aside from these pointers, just as you would with a new device, you might want to check its features to confirm that it matches the specifications you need. These can include the processor, operating system, hard drive, memory, and so on.

Refurbished Devices are Available More Easily Than Your Think

If you think that buying refurbished laptops is a smart decision, here’s where you might want to look for them.

  • Check out the refurbished electronics section of reputable companies like Amazon, eBay, ReUseTek, Newegg, or any others.
  • Check the refurbished laptops section of well-known manufacturers like Apple, Lenovo, Dell, HP, and others. They’ll provide you with quality assurance and complete backing so you can safely buy their products.

A Word of Caution Though!

Buying refurbished laptops is no doubt a smart decision considering the savings you can make on the cost. But, be prepared to do some amount of research before you can find the perfect device that matches your needs. In addition, you might notice a few dents and scratches on the housing of the devices. You can rest assured that despite the nicks and dents, the devices will be in top-notch working order and serve you well for a good long while. So, invest in refurbished devices. You’ll be doing your pocket a favor. And, also the planet. By preventing an almost-new device from finding its way to the recycling plant.



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