The Scale of Global Data Centres [Infographic]


Consuming enough energy to power a small town – some of the largest range between 400,000 and 1.1m square feet – the big data centre is an expensive requirement that data driven services require, to ensure consumers can enjoy seamless streaming or consumption of what they have to offer.

However, these centres are taking up valuable space and consuming huge amounts of energy, with large locations around the world processing and transmitting billions of information every second of every day.

In 2017, the amount of big data centres around the world looks to peak at an incredible 8.6million, and so hosting service UK2 has attempted to convey the sheer volume of this via their latest interactive piece of content.

Each symbol represents 1,000 data centres but if we moved our data to cloud hosting we’d have no need for these energy guzzling locations. This would have a profound effect on our environment, as well as providing a more sustainable way of hosting and serving data to those who need it. Not only is cloud hosting environmentally friendly, it also allows those businesses requiring data complete freedom to change limitations, go bigger and provide even more for consumers.

Check out the link below to discover just how huge the world of big data centres is and why we should consider going mobile.

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