Movavi Screen Capture Review: Set Up a Screen Recording Easily


Do you know how to go about recording video footage from your screen? More importantly, do you know how to set up that recording so that you capture exactly the footage that you need?

If you want to save online streaming videos, Skype calls, and webinars, or even create your very own tutorials or presentations – it is important that you’re able to determine the parameters of the video that you record. That is why Movavi Screen Capture and the ease with which it will let you adjust all the recording parameters that you require is so useful.

Everything about Movavi Screen Capture is designed to be intuitive – from its clean and easy-to-navigate user interface to its simple and familiar controls. With it, you will be able to record computer screen and:

  • Define the area of your screen that you want to record by drawing it with the mouse cursor, selecting a window to record, or using one of the preset sizes.
  • Set the frame rate by adjusting a slider to up to 60 frames per second for smooth playback, or less to save space.
  • Choose to record the system audio or audio from external devices such as microphones, MIDI devices and so on (or both) and control the audio levels.
  • Highlight the mouse cursor and change the ‘click’ sound to something more audible.
  • Display keyboard actions on-screen so that they can be recorded.
  • Use the scheduler to automatically start and stop the recording at a particular time, or set the timer to stop it after a certain duration.

Suffice to say you will be able to fully configure the screen recording that you capture with Movavi Screen Capture. When you are done it will even let you trim out any bits that you may not want, and then give you the option to save your video in any format or by using one of its built-in presets to automatically optimize it for a certain device or platform.

In a nutshell you could choose to only record part of your screen, make sure keyboard and mouse actions are visible in your recording, and adjust the quality to your heart’s content. Along with that the convenient nature of the features in Movavi Screen Capture will ensure that you don’t need to jump through any hoops to get your recording off the ground, and in just a few clicks you could do so right now.

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