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Mobile Gaming

Over the last few decades, gaming has become a huge industry. What was once just a simple, innovative console game has blossomed into so many different games of different platforms —-notably, mobile gaming. 

Mobile games contribute significantly to the drastic growth rate of mobile media use. Online games has already made its way to mobile devices through apps created to mirror the fun from computer gaming. In a report of, in 2014 the mobile gaming industry generated 24.4 billion U.S. dollars in revenue, attributed to smartphone and tablet gaming shares of 17b and 7.4b, respectively. This will sum up to 43 percent of the games market revenue. By 2018, it’s estimated to grow more than 44.2 billion.

The concentration of mobile gaming consumers was mostly located in the Asia Pacific region which is accounted to be half of the total 1.48 billion mobile gamers worldwide. In the US, 46 percent of mobile phone users were gaming on their devices and it’s expected to grow to 63.7 percent in 2020.

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There are many reasons for the great rise of mobile gaming revenue, but the evident simple reason could be that almost everyone owns a mobile phone. The market reach on this platform has a huge impact on the growth of mobile gaming market. And if the trend will continue, the mobile gaming has a lucrative business future.

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