Best Places to Buy Electronics in Singapore

Singapore is a destination where you can find a ton of shops to buy great items from and tech lovers visiting this country are going to be the happiest of all the shoppers.

Every single year, millions of people come to the country to purchase electronics. But, why come all the way over to Singapore?

It’s simply because they’re the number one place in South East Asia where the top electronics are available at the lowest prices!

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Here are some of the most recommended places to get a hold of electronic products:


Harvey Norman

This store sells pretty much everything you could think of when it comes to electronics. They stock some of the biggest brands in the world varying from Apple phones and laptops to Phillips’s appliances.

The sales staff are experts on the items they sell, so if you’re unsure about something, don’t hesitate to ask them. Furthermore, many people have suggested going to Harvey Norman for dishwashers since they work with Bosch who are one of the market leaders in dishwashers.



Courts are all about being consumer friendly. Each week, they reveal new offers to help customers save money when buying electronics in stores. They also have regular deals on their website where you can find appliances or gadgets of all sorts.

If you plan on making an expensive purchase, Courts offers a Flexi-Plan where you can pay for your item on a monthly basis. It’s a more affordable method of buying costly electronics and you don’t need a credit card.


Mustafa Centre

Mustafa Centre is one of the most competitive places in this country who offer electronic products. They make their purchases from suppliers in huge loads, which means they are able to save some money on expenses. This ensures that the prices at which they sell their electronic goods are cheaper than many other places.

Most shopping centres close and open at a certain time every day – Mustafa Centre is open 24 hours. You can go in there any time of the day or night and find the best tech products at some of the lowest prices in all of Southeast Asia.


Events Places

Comex, Sitex, and the IT Show are all events that take place in the country and offer up fantastic opportunities for customers to buy the latest items, as well as receive some free ones. Often times, when making a purchase, the sales people will throw in some extra items (such as phone accessories or webcams) at no extra cost.

The prices for products can also be especially low in order to attract as many people as possible to visit the event. If you’re a tech lover, these gatherings are great, as they bring you up to date on everything. Big brands, such as Microsoft, Samsung, and Apple make appearances to show off their innovative products.

If you’re ever in this country and you want to find some great bargains on electronics, it’s definitely worth shopping around the aforementioned places. You can pick up some of the most advanced items for the cheapest prices.

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