In-depth explanation of what a VR casino is and how it would look like


You might think that you’ve seen it all when it comes to how far online casinos are willing to go to entertain you. But this is just the beginning of an era since online casinos are now competing to introduce immersive and interactive gameplay in 3D format. With Virtual Reality technology at hand, gaming platforms will introduce expansive and luxurious casinos in which users can experience the atmosphere in impressive 3D. These virtual casino halls will offer multiplayer gameplay for those who are interested in taking their casino experience to the next level. Simply put, this setup will include everything except complementary drinks.

So if you’re really wondering what a VR (virtual reality) casino is, this piece of information will offer useful insights into the world of VR in relation to iGaming. Already statistics have projected that bets at VR casinos will hit the $520 billion mark come 2021. This will translate to over 800% increase from the current percentage this year.

VR casino explained in details

Basically, online casinos come in 2 flavors: real money and entertainment casinos. Although the 2 types of casinos serve the same purpose, the first one gives you the benefit of getting a monetary reward if you win. These casinos offer slot machines, card games, roulette wheels, and anything in between. What is more, some of the top casinos on the internet have already begun offering their services in 3D. And even though the 3D experience is not perfect as it should be, it’s a good step forward.

Fortunately, the concept of VR casino can save the day by eliminating the imperfections which exist in 3D casinos. You see, VR technology has undergone tremendous advancements in both software and hardware. As a result, players are now being offered the chance to experience the online casino world beyond the famous pseudo 3D interface. This technology will plunge you right into the middle of a virtual casino that looks very real.

But players have to invest in VR headsets before signing up in a compatible VR iGambling platform. The benefit of using this kind of setup is that players can enjoy the life-like in-game experience coupled by interactive abilities which enable them to engage other players simultaneously.

Therefore, when you hear the phrase VR casino, you should expect the following things:

-A detailed playroom which gives players a chance to roam freely while exploring things in full 3D.

– 3 dimension table games where users can take up their seats and interact with others, including the dealer.

-The ability to make use of realistic sound effects, even to the extent of enjoying sounds with 3D spatial aspects.

-In-built chatting functionality which facilitates communication between players.

– Slot machines which are realistic in every aspect

As a player who is enjoying this experience, you can stop over at a bar to enjoy a drink – although it’s not quite clear how that drink will reach your mouth. And of course you can hang out at the lounge to talk with others too.

Also, instead of using gimmicky gamified items in the casino halls, developers are focusing on making the experience ultra-realistic in terms of video and audio. What this means is that you will even have the ability to fire up a cigar while you play your favorite slot machine. It sounds weird; although this is what VR casinos are promising in the fullness of time.

The kind of games that can be played in VR casinos

Even though the concept of VR, when applied in casino gaming, is in its infancy stage, a couple of VR games have already been developed. Keep in mind that these games will grow in the future. The same thing will also happen to online casino platforms that will accommodate VR gaming.

So far, we can bet on Slots Million and the Casino VR poker. These games are true reflection of what will happen once the technology goes main stream. And if you are a fan of, you should probably be on the lookout for any announcements related to the implementation of VR in that platform. Just keep tabs on the latest advancements made by the casino industry in relation to this technology. This way, you can be among the first people to test it out when it rolls out globally.

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