How Companies Can Stay Technologically Innovative on A Budget


Many times, companies want to advance their technological reach, but feel limited by their budget. For example, your small business might want to create an app that could help to boost your brand’s presence, but the costs of hiring developers seem too sky-high for this to ever be a feasible plan.

While it might seem like you’re limited by your budget, there are actually a lot of ways that companies can advance technologically without spending a fortune. If you want to take your company to the next level without breaking the bank, then follow these tips.

Look into Brand Partnerships

When new apps and social media platforms come onto the market, they are often hurting for new users. This is why these brands tend to reach out to other brands to try to get them to sign up. For example, when Twitter was in its infancy, it actively looked for companies and celebrities who could benefit from using the platform for publicity.

This is why it’s a good idea to always watch out for new social media platforms that are looking for brands that want to use them. Partnering with these platforms can be a phenomenal way to promote your brand in a space where competition is minimal. This is cost effective, as these platforms and apps typically do not charge companies who want to use them.

Create an App By Outsourcing

More and more brands are creating their own apps in order to expand their reach and appeal to their customers in a new and innovative way. However, if you don’t have the in-house talent necessary to develop an app on your own, you might feel like creating your own app isn’t an option.

Just because you can’t create an app on your own doesn’t mean that you can’t create one at all. It’s entirely possible to outsource your app development. App development companies, such as Redwerk, create apps for brands and don’t necessarily charge the brands a fortune. You can outsource Android development without spending your company’s entire marketing or tech budget. Apps can truly revolutionize how your customers interact with your brand. Apps can allow them to make purchases, leave reviews or explore content related to your brand.

Make Sure You Have a Strong Social Media Presence

The social media landscape is always changing. To stay innovative, brands strive to always work with new platforms. However, this doesn’t mean that you should discount the platforms that are already in existence. If you have Twitter and Facebook accounts but aren’t using them to their maximum potential, then you’re missing out and falling behind technologically.

In many situations, brands attempt to develop a strong social media presence, but feel discouraged when millions of followers don’t magically appear overnight. Remember, promoting your brand on social media is an ongoing task, one that never really ends. Only brands that post and promote consistently are rewarded. Those who get lazy or don’t put any effort into their posts are typically forgotten in what is a very crowded social media landscape.

It can be exhausting to manage your company’s social media accounts and it can often feel like a second job. However, if you want to stay technologically innovative, it’s essential that you put real effort into it.

Monitor How Your Competitors Are Using Tech

You don’t want to blatantly steal ideas from competitor brands. However, it’s a good idea to monitor how other brands in your industry are using tech to their advantage. If similar companies are using platforms and apps that you aren’t using, it can be a good idea to look into what they’re using and consider utilizing similar tactics for your brand.

Be Consistent and Innovative but Never Pushy or Overbearing

It’s a good idea to consistently monitor tech trends and explore platforms that can help you to promote your brand. However, you never want to be too overzealous when it comes to marketing your brand online. If you bombard customers with too many posts across too many different platforms, they can often start to feel annoyed.

While you should always be exploring new options, there’s nothing wrong with using a single platform or technology to its fullest before exploring another option. Remember, consistency is key when it comes to smartly marketing your brand using tech and social media. If you haven’t quite mastered one strategy, try to perfect your use of it before exploring another one.

In an era where marketing and tech have become more competitive than ever, the pressure for brands to stay on top of their game can feel incredibly overwhelming. However, if you follow the advice laid out here, you can market your brand by using a myriad of social media platforms and tech advancements.


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