Watch Facebook’s Social VR demoed on real world

If you’ve been tuned earlier from the second day of F8 Keynote live stream, Mark Zuckerberg officially demoed Facebook’s social VR. Making the $2 billion investment on Oculus VR worth it of bringing his intentions to even innovate Facebook by integrating it with virtual reality. But the questionable details pertains to how average users will adapt the thousand-dollar hardware to experience of Facebook VR?

If you’re asking what Facebook VR is all about, all the details are on the video Zuckerberg posted on his Facebook account. The demo video shows off the augmented avatar mimicking the actual movement and even faces of the users. Being in the virtual reality, it seems they can go anywhere and do whatever they want.

Unfortunately, the Facebook execs were not able to give full details of the timeline when this social VR will be available for public consumption and just mention that they are just on their initial updates. Once they have the concrete timeline, they’ll sped up the production for Facebook users to enjoy this latest social technology.

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Source: Mashable

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