The Best of Browser Games


Video games are everywhere. You won’t just find things on a console, you’ll be able to play games on your computer, tablet, phone, a calculator and more. Some games can be simple, such as Snake, Solitaire and the like, but other times you can play full on games from the largest game developers. Browser games have been around as long as the internet has and there are plenty of things to take a look at. Whether you want something to keep you busy during a break or you are looking for a full on game, then Namco Bandai, Betway and Jagex have you covered.

Pac-Man is one of the most famous and enduring video games of all time. In 2016, you can now play Pac-Man at any time for free on your browser at World’s Biggest Pac-Man. It’s an official browser game released from Namco Bandai in which players can create their own Pac-Man levels, simply by signing in with Facebook. You can play without any sort of login or sign up though, just click a level and play. What makes this different from other Pac-Man games is that all the levels interconnect. Rather than completing a level and moving onto the next, you can freely leave one map and go into another. This gives you near infinite gameplay because with the customised maps, the next area will always be different. The stats of your games are logged, showing your score, dots eaten, what levels you’ve played, alongside with total scores and gameplay from other players.

Betway are the online casino that are providing a whole host of games on your browser. A casino is an exciting place full of games and now it’s on your browser. Betway provide a whole host of various casino games, including slots, roulette, cards and much more. There are variants of each game, with different gimmicks rules, and themes, so there’s always something different to play. You can compete against the computer or play against real people for a true and authentic challenge. The true test comes from putting real money on the line. It become risk and reward and builds the tension. Betway’s casino makes a simple browser game into the most intense and skilled thing you can play anywhere.

RuneScape is a popular browser game that has been around for over fifteen years now. It’s an epic MMO RPG that you can play just on your browser developed by Jagex. The game takes place in fantasy medieval setting split in huge areas. Like any typical fantasy MMORPG, you pick a race, a class, abilities and level, explore and obtain new items, weapons and spells. What makes the game stand out from another competitor is it’s accessibility. The fact you can play on browser means anyone is just a few clicks from signing up and playing the game. Wherever you are and have spare time, you can play. It’s also free to play and sign up, and has entered the Guinness World Record Books as the largest and most updated free game. Interactivity with other players is encouraged for co-op, trading, mini-games and more.

Whatever games you’re into, your bound to find something on your browser, so check out these games and say goodbye to your free time.


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