How RFID Tags Are Changing Our World


Over the centuries technology has proven to boost productivity. The introduction of machines has propelled the existence of the Industrial Revolution. After World War 2, technological development seemed to reach its peak.

Many people during that time thought that new innovations were no longer possible. They thought that everything was already invented for them. However, they were always surprised when scientists and engineers would introduce a new innovation that was beyond their imagination. When the barcode came to existence, a lot of businesses benefited from it but that evolved into the RFID. Today, we are in a new tech age, and the RFID is a growing part of it.

What Is RFID?

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification. It’s used for tracking and monitoring both goods and services. RFID tags are microchips much smaller than the typical SIM card. When your products have RFID tags attached to them, you can use an RFID reader. Your RFID reader will communicate with RFID tags through radio frequency. The reader and the tag will exchange data.  

How RFID is Changing Industries

There are a variety of ways that RFID is changing our world; here are some of the most popular ideas, which include:


  • Warehousing and Retail Operations: Imagine an extremely large warehouse where thousands of people work. In the past people relied on multiple inventory checks that relied on human performance, which had errors from time to time.

With RFID tags it being able to track and categorize inventory is a thing of the past. Materials, finishes products, and supply chains can have this data in their computer systems on hand to always be cost efficient and meet demand based on the supply trend thanks to RFID.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Many laboratories across the country used to depend on using tagged animals in sometimes inhumane ways. Now laboratory studies made to animals are now becoming humane with the use of RFID.

This is accomplished with products like RapidID Lab, which are technologically superior to that of regular RFID devices as well as being very inexpensive. These devices can easily be scanned and use humane methods where the animals are not hurt or deformed.

  • Airline Industry: According to The Wall Street Journal, Delta Air Lines has installed more than 240,000 tags on its oxygen generators and other emergency equipment. This is because it used to take eight hours just check whether or not the oxygen is already expired. Today, Delta Air can perform the same task in just two minutes using RFID.
  • Worker Productivity: Some companies in the U.S. have given their employees an RFID tag to ensure they are where they’re supposed to be. To optimize employee production, they should be doing the tasks they need to be and be in zones that need to be in. If an employee is in an area too long, someone can go and check on them.  
  • Smart Chipping: Currently, RFID tags and chips have been explored as a beneficial way to keep records on hand for sensitive information that includes healthcare and banking information. It’s also being looked at as a security device that lets users have a chip installed to their hands to let them start vehicles, enter their homes and even access their computers.  


RFID is a smart innovation that’s fast becoming popular around the world. It’s slowly evolving to a key component in this new technology age we are currently in. It’s being used in many different solutions in many different industries and continues to be used for different applications to take us as human beings to the next level.

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