Games to play on the way to work

New research indirectly suggests playing video games may improve your morning journey to work. A joint study by the American Cancer Society and Stony Brook University shows that playing video games can reduce nicotine cravings.

Since many smokers say they need a cigarette to wake up properly in the mornings, the logic goes that playing video games on the way to work will help you feel fresher and more awake (not to mention ease your boredom) on the way to work.

We make no claims to be doctors by any means, but it has to work – right? With any good excuse to play video games, here are five great ones that may (or may not) get those brain juices flowing in time for work…

Dog Mendonca (£3.99)


Dog Mendonca is a stylish and witty point and tap adventure game. You are a supernatural detective and your job is to solve a mysterious crime.

This game boasts stunning visuals which are highly reminiscent of some of the best comic books out there. The inventive storyline has you chatting with shady characters and solving puzzles to obtain information.

Thunderstruck 2 (paid slot)

Thunderstruck 2 is yet another incredibly stylish video slot from Microgaming. It is the follow-up to the popular 2003 classic, Thunderstruck. The original game was crammed with features and appeals to adult players of all ages.  

Thunderstruck 2 has a lot to live up to – but does so with aplomb. The new game boasts even more features, modern Viking-themed, full-colour HD graphics, incredible sound effects and the ability to win a massive £121,500.

The slot also includes five reels and offers you an impressive 243 different ways to win. Play now and keep an eye out for four bonus types, the same number of free spin rewards, and multipliers ranging from 2x to 6x.

Orbit’s Odyssey (£2.29)


Orbit s Odyssey is a single-button strategy puzzle game. You must gather up gems and coins across 90 planets, each of which offers an array of daunting challenges. You must do all of this while evading capture by your enemies.  

To succeed, you must run against each planet’s natural rotation to ensure you don’t come across any zombies, all the while collecting everything you need in the shortest time possible. Each level introduces more obstacles to put in your path. While it may be challenging, Orbit’s Odyssey is also very gripping, not to mention fun.

Zenge (79p)

Described by one critic as a “low-key Zen-like experience”, Zenge is certainly a very relaxing, yet thought-provoking puzzle game. If this is your thing, then Zenge is bound to draw you in with its gentle soundtrack and calming graphics. To complete each puzzle, you must move shapes around to form an image. Each completed puzzle gives you a piece of a story in the life of a lonely traveller who you must help escape a strange limbo state.

Retro City Rampage DX (£3.99)

This nod to 8-bit video games of the 1980s gives you a wide range of missions to complete and an entire world to discover. Beat up thugs who try to mug you, steal cars and take part-time jobs to earn some extra cash.

While clearly no Grand Theft Auto in terms of graphics, Retro City Rampage offers plenty of weapons, custom options and arcade challenges. Meanwhile, its catchy soundtrack will help keep you amused.


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