DJI Mavic Pro Compact Drone Announced


Early this month, drone enthusiasts had themselves good ‘karma’ with GoPro’s announcement, but it seems the treat hasn’t stop yet. Today, industry-leader DJI have just unleashed their latest compact drone that folds up into small rectangle, —-the DJI Mavic Pro.

DJI Mavic Pro will feature 4K-capable camera paired with a 3-axis gimbal and DJI’s automated flight capability like Tapfly, precision hovering and collision-avoidance. Apart from these features, you can control this compact-drone with gestures and have selfies while it flies overhead.

Flight time is 27 minutes with speed that can exceed to 40MPH when in Sport mode.

You can grab the Mavic Pro with a reasonable starting price of $749 on October 15th. Bundled options is also available, DJI Mavic with the controller will cost you $999 and if you want to have the complete package that will include the controller, extra batteries, a bag and other accessories the price will sky up to $1,299.

Just note that FAA insists on knowing about any drone that’s heavier than 0.55lbs which Mavic Pro weighs nearly three times, you need to register it.

Notably, GoPro Karma is flexible enough to have its camera on-drone and in handheld with its removable gimbal, however, for DJI you need to have their separate product called Osmo.

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