Clappers are a thing of the past with this new technology


Clappers were once a thing of luxury, and were something that you probably only really saw in the movies. As a person walked into a room, all you had to do was clap your hands and the lights would switch on. This technology was a true advancement in lighting, but it never really took off as commercially as the industry may have hoped for. Nevertheless, there is a new technology that has begun to take over.

Energy Efficiency

With the rise of importance when it comes to energy efficient lighting and technologies, this new technology brings a brand new lighting that reduces energy usage by a substantial amount, while still producing high levels of light, even brighter and longer-lasting than standard halogen bulbs. E27 bulbs and other LED bulbs are the new technology that is beginning to take over the lighting industry, due to their energy efficient, long-lasting technology that allows them to continue to light-up even the most hard to get to spaces. With LED strips, outdoor lighting and much more, they are possibly the most versatile form of lighting on the market. LED lighting is started to be favoured by interior designers due to the fact that they can easily be placed right into regular bulb sockets, without needing a separate connector.

Ease Of Use

One of the main components that made clappers individual and popular was their ease of use. You didn’t have to move to a switch in order for the lights to turn on, you simply had to clap your hands together and the sound and vibration would turn the lights on for you. However, LED lighting can also be used extremely simply and easily, making them one of the most accessible forms of lighting. A lot of LED lighting components can be connected to phones, tablets and remote controls in order for them to be switched on. This allows you to turn the lights on in your home no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection. The ease of use when it comes to LED lighting is incredible, and there’s a great selection of different things that you can do with the lighting, no matter where you are.


One thing that clappers didn’t have was the option to be versatile. Generally, they were either turned on or turned off with no in-between. LED lights on the other hand, are exceptionally versatile in the way they perform. Due to the fact that you can control the lights via a remote device, whether that’s a control panel or your phone, there are plenty of things that you can do with them. You can dim them and even change their colours and hue to create the ideal atmosphere for your home. Versatility is the best part of LED’s and they are so adaptable, that some systems can even replicate your natural lighting habits, and turn on and off automatically when set to a security mode, as a way to keep strangers from entering your home when you’re on holiday or out. This versatility is making them favourable in both homes and businesses, and the lighting industry is certain to see a sharp increase in the popularity of this new technology.

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