The latest Windows gaming hits


Although gaming on a Windows system might not get the headlines in the same way as on the consoles, it still represents perhaps the best bet for top quality gaming.

And thankfully there’s been a bunch of awesome games released recently that are not only massively diverse – sci-fi shooters to pirate-themed slots games – but have a gaming quality that shows that things have moved on since the days of Microsoft Solitaire!

Many Windows gamers have racked up many hours gaming by being locked in the epic MMORPG titles like League of Legends and Dota 2. And this year’s Overwatch: Origins Edition presents an amazing update to the genre with an ultra-speedy shooter that offer no end of cool characters with unbelievable firepower.

And there’s also some seriously chaotic fun to be had in the recent Star Wars: Battlefront title that gave Windows users their best chance yet to inhabit the sci-fi universe, and with further releases due soon, it looks to become a gaming series almost as popular as the movie franchise.

Whilst these games show off the graphical capacities of the Windows systems to the max, there are also some simpler pleasures out there with the likes of Geometry Dash providing to be a brutally-simple way to enjoy the most basic of browser games.

Whereas the Mr Smith Casino site updates the browser-style of play with a wide variety of gambling games that’s even got a swashbuckling slots title featuring those typical chests of gold to tempt you into hunting down that progressive jackpot.

Another game that pushes the boundaries of real-life themes for Windows systems is The Sims 4. This life simulation title recently passed the five million sales mark, and although its recent update doesn’t contain any casino gaming options, it still provides the best way to live in a parallel universe from the comfort of your Windows machine.

And who can deny the sheer fun that can be had courtesy of the Minecraft phenomenon that’s delivered no end of world-building fun that thrives on co-operative effort to create and destroy some amazing designs.

But despite all of the innovation a quick look at the Windows gaming charts shows that it’s still ultra-violent titles like the recent Doom revamp and the endlessly-popular Grand Theft Auto V that show us that, just like those casino games, it’s the familiar genres that provide the best gaming fun.

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