Mobile App Development Will Improve Your Bottom Line

Among all of the metrics by which retail apps should be measured, it is important not to lose sight ofconversion rates. Not only should your m-commerce presence be unique and reflect your brand, but the path to purchase needs to be free of barriers. The rule is simple: make it easy for your customers to spend money. Unfortunately, too many retail business and too many app development companies forget that their job is to make conversions simple. When you’re developing an app for your business, you will already want a unique design and user experience that represents your company’s brand and style. However, when you’re looking for a development company to deliver this product, never forget that a great user experience is one that leads seamlessly to checkout.

One company, Clearbridge Mobile, has laid out a guide for businesses about to embark on the process of developing their new retail app. There are some useful tips that all businesses should keep in mind when they are considering partners in their project.


Look Great

Everything about your mobile presence should look as good as your stores, your ads, and anything your organization has its name on. Your homepage has only a few seconds to capture a potential customer’s attention, and it’s not just about style. Your product should also inspire confidence and trust, part of which means integrated security. A third of consumers are still skeptical about using their credit cards on mobile devices.

Streamlined Path to Checkout

There are two cardinal rules experienced app development companies follow for streamlining the path to checkout: no irrelevant information and as few actions as possible. A product that’s cluttered with ads will only give customers more chances to rethink their decision and abandon the purchase. When customers get to the checkout, it should be simple to confirm their order. The ability to purchase as a guest is a necessary one; over 25% of consumers say they would abandon a purchase if they had to register an account.

User Experience

Everything about the user experience should be convenient and feel natural. Developers Clearbridge Mobile recommend considering how people hold their devices and designing an app that works for people who use their phone with one hand. One-handers account for half of all smartphone users and largely determine good design.

These are only some of the ideas that should drive the development of your product. As a retail business, every aspect of your new application should point toward conversion. When you’re deciding who to work with to build it right, look for a development company that’s going to keep you in the loop. Look for companies that practice rolling wave planning and end-of-sprint demos. Rolling wave planning is an agile philosophy in which squads adjust their plan and strategy as they progress. Squads know more about a project with every step, and rolling wave planning allows both your company and the developer to respond to new knowledge. End-of-sprint demos are biweekly demos of the product as it comes to shape, allowing you to react to progress and stay in control of the final product. When you’re ready to build your next retail application, you need a partner that’s agile, flexible, and adaptive.


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