How an Information Technology degree can be used in the real world


If you love computers, and everything that goes along with them, you may feel that you would like to embark on a career in information technology (IT). It may seem like the ideal opportunity to make money out of doing something you really love.

Before you make a final decision it’s worth thinking about the fact that although you love IT as a hobby you may not like it as much if you have to do it for a living. If you still decide that a career in IT is for you then you need to think about what aspect of IT you want to work within.

There are several different IT related careers that you can choose from, and you should find that there are good prospects in most fields of IT. CEOs of companies often find it difficult to locate qualified and able IT professionals to work within their IT team. This should mean that you are able to secure a job in tech companies; although it is a very competitive industry. We are going to take a look at which IT jobs you may want to consider once you have gained your qualification from a training provider such as Up Skilled

Software applications developer

This is a role where there is predicted to be an extremely high level of growth in demand. If you decide that you want to work as a software applications developer you will be expected to undertake tasks such as developing and customising applications software, modifying software to optimise performance and developing systems to enable you to test and validate software. In this role you can expect to earn a salary of between AU$42,600 and AU$97,200.

Computer systems analyst

This is another role that is subject to a lot of opportunity in the IT world. If you decide that this is the role for you then you can expect to have to complete tasks such as advising management teams about the use of software, analysing problems with the processing of data and working out solutions and developing and testing systems in order to maximise IT performance. If you work in this role you can expect to earn between AU$53,000 and AU$111,000.

Network systems administrator

If you like the sound of working as a network systems administrator then you will find it useful to know what you will be expected to do. Duties in this role include, installing network systems and ensuring that they are maintained and supported, ensuring the ongoing performance of websites and the backing up of data. Network systems administrators can expect to earn between AU$48,000 – AU$93,000.

Information security analyst

Security is a very hot topic in the IT arena and there are plenty of opportunities available for IT security experts. This also has the advantage of being a fascinating rile where you would be expected to investigate a range of different security issues. You could find yourself completing duties such as, identifying and investigating security breaches, making sure that software is installed and maintained securely and carrying out attacks on the system in order to help you protect the system from hackers. If you secure a job as an information security analyst you can expect to earn between AU$65,000 and AU$92,000.

All of these roles provide you with the opportunity to put your IT degree, or relevant qualification, to good use in the real world.


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