Your Xbox One: Unprotected & Unfashionable

The average gamer spends as many as 3 hours each day playing their favourite games. But let’s be real with each other, you’re not average. Average is for people who don’t want to max out campaigns and have the best stats amongst their friends – in real life and online – which is why 3 is a bit of a lowballed figure. To get where you want to be, you’re looking at upwards to 4, 5, or maybe even 6 hours a day, especially on weekends. And that’s not including all the other times you use your PS4 or Xbox One to interface your favourite apps.


However many hours you devote to your hobby (yes – gaming is most certainly a hobby!) your system is incredibly important to you. It’s a permanent fixture in your life and your living room (or any other room that you play in) and because of that you need to consider its longevity – and style. Imagine how difficult it will be to unlock all of the gold trophies if your PS4 has seen a serious spill or hazardous scratch? The chances of you making any high scores are low if your system can’t keep up.

That’s where a vinyl skin comes in. As a protective addition to an Xbox One or PS4, it saves your favorite gaming console from the horrors of scratches, scuffs, and scrapes. The material also keeps the dangers of spilled drinks and grime-build up from interfering with your gameplay, as the impervious vinyl is incredibly easy to clean up and wipe down. What makes it water- and grime-proof also adds of traction to the notoriously slippery machine, adding serious grip to the controller and console itself.  

To get the most protection, stick with those skins that are made out of custom-made genuine 3M vinyl. It’s a flexible material that can be cut with extreme precision, so no nook or cranny of your system goes untouched. When it comes to accuracy, no one does it better than the designers at dbrand. dbrand has Xbox and PS4 skins that are tailored within a micro-millimeter of the consoles’ dimensions. Only adding a barely-there 0.23 millimeters, it won’t interfere with important toggles, buttons, ports, or fans.

Everything is considered and accommodated for – including your personal tastes, since most PS4 skins and Xbox One skins can take on your choice of colors and textures. Choose from leather, carbon fiber, metallic, wood, and matte textures in a huge array of colors until you create something that’s completely ‘you’ – or entirely like your favorite character – or perfect for your interior design. That’s the joy of these vinyl skins: personalization is everything.

When you use your system as much as you do, an Xbox One skin (or PS4 skin) is a no brainer. Elevate the average system into a console that matches your prowess behind the controller. Get a skin that can protect and stylize your system!


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