Camera Technology That Will Improve Your Photos

Camera tech

Lens standards are constantly evolving and changing. Which is great news, as these new advancements allow photographers like you to bring your creative ideas to life. From 4K video to tech that allows you to capture your subject quicker than ever before, these are the new tech trends to watch out for.

G Master Lens

As a leader in technology, Sony’s line of digital cameras brings photographers the latest and greatest in camera lens technology. With the new G Master lens, photographers can capture more detail than ever before, day or night. Its spectacular resolution and brilliant bokeh combined make the interchangeable lens a must have for any photographer’s camera bag. The lens is built for use in the field or in the studio, and it never sacrifices speed, efficiency or reliability, ensuring that you will always get the shot that you need.

4K Video

From adventure sports enthusiasts to wildlife photographers, 4K technology is quickly taking over the digital video world for its stunning picture quality, which spans way beyond HD or 1080p. It’s also a popular choice for capturing footage in the moment with incredible detail. Many of today’s new model cameras offer 4K mode, which allows the photographer to shoot footage in conventional aspect ratios, rather than sticking exclusively to a panoramic setting. Additionally, experienced photographers can work with 4K video to pull images from their footage with a little editing. Think of 4K as a way to shoot 24, 25 or 30 eight-megapixel photos per second.

Sports Shooting Tech

If you’re a sports photographer, you know that your camera requires a unique set of capabilities, more so than the average one. Sports cameras have to be fast, they need a top-notch zoom and they need to be able to capture the shot in a wide range of lighting. Some of the cameras on the market today offer 5fps continuous shooting capabilities to capture the climactic moments happening in front of your lens. Technology has even allowed some models to be able to focus on your subject 30 times faster than competing tech. Other speed shooting technology available today includes 4D focus to track and shoot your subject quickly without sacrificing precision.

600mm Zoom

Some of today’s lens technology allows photographers to achieve stunning image quality, even up to a telephoto range. Sony’s RX10 is no exception. This 24-600mm lens allows you to capture your subject close up or take a wider shot with its high-magnification lens. And unlike some lenses, Sony’s lens is not bulking. With eight ED glass elements, the large-aperture lens is surprisingly compact for its capabilities which means that you can pack it along to almost anywhere your photography pursuits take you. Plus, with the Optical Steady Shot technology, you can be more stable with less shake when shooting without a tripod.

Underwater Lens

Underwater photography requires a special set of gear. However, photographers look to the same capabilities and features in tech as they do when shooting on dry land. You don’t have to make sacrifices when it comes to quality gear made for shooting underwater. A 60mm macro lens can get the job done and capture some sweet sea life when underwater, and it also offers a full range.

Camera technology, including lens technology, is constantly changing. Keep your camera bag up to date with these advancements in camera tech.

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