YouTube Unplugged Live TV Streaming in 2017


The rise of Smart TVs and improved internet infrastructure have led to opportunities of having your live TV online. In a Bloomberg report, YouTube might start their new live TV streaming service called Unplugged next year that offers cable channels that as-of-the-moment, —-are still in secrecy but points there’s an ongoing discussion with major media Comcast / NBC Universal, Viacom, Fox and CBS.

Reportedly the service will offer bundles of cable TV channels however, it seems YouTube doesn’t want to push through without all of the four major broadcast networks on its basket. We could be looking on a pricing around $35 per month for its main bundle with optional add-ons of specific-themed packages i.e. comedy, action.

YouTube Red is the company’s first effort at a subscription service have initially hint the interest of Google on having the live TV service on its offerings. Hulu has already shown its interest on this kind of service, Sony’s Sling TV have been on the market for more than a year now.

As an emerging trend, it’s no brainer for big G not to explore the opportunities on offering live TV subscription on one of its most established media platform.

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