The Latest Waterproof Tech You Need Now


Many of us have been there. We’re holding our phone when it somehow slips out of our hand and lands in a puddle or some other body of water. Even if drying it in a bag of rice works for a while, chances are your phone is permanently damaged.

In today’s tech-forward world, the need for waterproof gadgets — not just phones — is increasingly necessary. After all, we pay enough to be on the cutting edge of technology, the last thing we need is to have our items ruined by a sudden downpour or accidental spill.

As such, we’ve rounded up a list of some of the latest and greatest water-resistant tech and tech accessories.

A phone that delivers

If you’re like most of the U.S. population, it’s likely your cell phone is attached to your hip at all times. That said, a durable, waterproof phone is all but a necessity these days.

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge water-resistant phone can literally be unboxed underwater and still maintain its full functionality. Its crisp, forward-thinking display, water-resistant build and dual-pixel camera are hard to ruin if it comes into contact with liquid.

Selfies in any weather

If you already own the ultimate adventure camera, the GoPro, then you must value the importance of durability. But is your selfie-stick going the distance? Make your GoPro go further with the accessory that can also go where you go. The GoScope GoPro HERO Telescoping Pole is as rugged as the GoPro itself with a waterproof design, and it even offers a dual mount to secure two cameras on simultaneously. The wrist strap and handle grip are ideal for holding with wet hands. It’s a must for the most adventurous of adventurers.

Listen in any condition

If you’re one who lives for listening to music — even while bathing or taking a dip the pool — then the BOOM Swimmer Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is for you. This waterproof speaker can be dunked in shallow water for up to 20 minutes and still remain intact. Despite its small size, reviewers insist this little guy really belts out the sound.

Safe storage

If all of your tech gadgets aren’t waterproof just yet, don’t worry. You can still store and carry your devices safely in a convenient, water-resistant backpack from STM Drifter. This durable backpack is stylish and practical with a retro look and the room to carry all of your tech needs. Various compartments offer ease when lugging papers, books, clothes, workout items, a laptop, etc., and keep you protected from rain or other water damage. The bottom pocket even has a zip feature with a rain cover that is removable in the event you get stuck in a storm.

Just waterproof it all

Want to waterproof a floor, a piece of furniture or nearly anything else? Keep almost anything safe from liquids with The Cary Company’s Ultra Ever Dry Waterproof Coating. This amazing coating repels liquids with its unique hydrophobic and oleophobic formula made of proprietary nanotechnology. The company notes that via a two-coat application process, an ultra-waterproof barrier is made. It is ideal for both industrial and commercial business use.

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