Website Review: Vegas Palms Canada


The total number of individual websites online has exceeded 1 billion (you read that right) long ago. That’s one website for 3.3 individuals connected to the internet. So, when I say the Vegas Palms Canada webpage, available at, stands out of the crowd, you should consider it something important. It’s hard to stand out these days, with so many websites filled with excellent content, and having an excellent design mixed with tons of junk. But the website somehow manages to be memorable even with so many competitors out there.

Vivid, bright colors

Aside from the attractive, long-haired surfer in the header, the Vegas Palms website does a great first impression. It might be the right choice of colors – it has a combination of bright sky blue and orange, both positive, happy colors – or the spacious design, it is simply good to look at. I have to admit, though, that the attractive surfer in the header and the breeze moving the palm tree’s leaves also has something to do with it.

Well-structured content

The designers behind the Vegas Palms Canada website have clearly understood how to build an effective landing page. All the information you need to know at a glance – after taking your eyes off the surfer – are there: call to action, incentive, and benefits alike. The whole page is built so that your attention will slip from the ginger beauty on the left toward the incentive on the right, and as you proceed with the reading, you find out what the website is about from the first moment.

Scrolling further toward the bottom of the landing page will reveal much more about the services it offers, and the benefits you receive when you register an account with them.

Plenty of information

The Vegas Palms Canada contains all the information you need to get started. Its focus on Canada shows from the first moment. It offers an abundance of information about how to get started at the Vegas Palms, what games you can find there, what are the benefits of opening an account with it, and even what payment options Canadians can choose to make deposits. It covers all the safety and privacy considerations, too, and the possibility to play on the go. Besides, it presents its visitors with details about what promotions the player can expect to be part of, both the current and the previous ones.

Overall, a great website

Overall, the Vegas Palms Canada website is a great example for a functional, usable and visually appealing web design. It is completely responsive, looking its best no matter what size the screen used to load it might be. You has all the information you need at hand, and it has a very clear and simple navigation system.

I wish more websites – especially webshops – would be so well built and easy to use.

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