Photokina 2016: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV


Slowly the factual information are lining up for Photokina 2016 where the reported EOS 5D Mark IV will make its official introduction.

It’s expected that Canon will unveil its new flagship by August or early September to have the right hype when it’s staged at the event that will run September 20, 2016 through to September 25, 2016. Then, you can expect the shipping to follow quickly, you can refer on the previous release of 5D Mark III as a possible template of Mark IV launch.

If the timeline will be like of the Mark III, you can have the camera by Oct. 16. Just make sure that you start saving your hard-earned cash as the expected launch price will be around $3500, which is the initial offering for Mark III at launch.

The reliable specs that we have right now for the 5D Mark IV is that it will shoot 4K, along with built-in Wifi and GPS and will support touchscreen functionality.

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