iPhone SE teardown uncovers iPhone 5s, 6, and 6s parts inside


Newly released iPhone SE is now available is several countries and as we’ve expected there’s a very willing firm to firstly conducted a teardown, thanks to Chipworks

Apparently, Chipworks cited “this is not your typical Apple release” which directly pointing out to lack of innovation. The iPhone SE is just a farrago of components from several iPhone versions including the iPhone 5s, 6, and 6s.

The processor is an A9 chip paired with 2GB SK Hynix memory which are both feat from iPhone 6s. The NFC chip is the NXP 66V10, Audio ICs and 6-axis sensor is from InvenSense was also used in the iPhone 6s.

The Qualcom MDM9625M modem and the accompanying transceiver were originally found in the iPhone 6.

Lastly, the touch screen controller components which is a Broadcom BCM5976 and Texas Instruments 343S0645 were originally used in the iPhone 5s.

Expect other details to surface, when same firm does their job of looking into iPhone SE extremities —-iFixit is known for this type of dissection. iPhone SE has been made available in the United States yesterday.

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