Nielsen reports impressive Snapchat metrics


In a latest report by Nielsen, Snapshot —-a popular mobile app, garnered impressive numbers for the percentage of app-user demographics from the United States. 

There are roughly 100 million active users in which 60-percent of them are creating new content and sharing them with other users. Majority of these Snapshot users are spending roughly 25 to 30 minutes on average per day. Impressive enough, Nielsen also revealed that 41-percent of all 18 to 34 years old living in the United States are reached by the fun mobile apps, which is only 6-percent of the same demographic reached by the Top 15 TV stations in the states.

Significantly, these data will likely lure advertisers and investors to fund the development and somehow monetize the company with its one-of-the-kind free service. The targeted advertisers might be from those that are using the TV networks to promote their products. It’s still unclear if Snapshot’s advertising future will be like Twitter that is used by Live TV and other major events to greater extent to reach targeted mainstream trend.

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