Top Mobile Phones for 2016

Every year the world’s top tech companies compete to see who can deliver the most popular smartphone.

It’s an increasing lucrative business as smartphone users expect their device to be able to handle a range of tasks from video chatting to online bingo playing, so who will win the battle for smartphone dominance in 2016?


Apple iPhone 7

The iPhone 6 and 6s both set phenomenal sales records and many will expect the hugely-anticipated iPhone 7 to break these incredible figures when it is released later this year. Details around the device are still scarce, but many have pointed to possibility of a slimmer design thanks to innovations in limiting the size of the camera and the controversial loss of a headphone jack socket.

As well as improving the camera with an optical zoom and dual-lens feature, other possibilities have been rumoured to include the likes of a wrap-around screen and enhanced speaker facilities that would tie in nicely with the brand’s fledgling Apple Music service.


Samsung Galaxy S7

One of Apple’s competitors, Samsung, will have undoubtedly been pleased to see the recent fall in Apple profits, and the brand will see this as the key time to ensure that their upcoming Galaxy S7 device really hits the mark when it’s released this spring.

Although many have speculated that the smartphone will initially look pretty similar to the S6 model, it’s the rumoured two-day battery life that has caused a great deal of intrigue. Such news will undoubtedly be beneficial for gamers who prefer to stay in instead of heading out to play games such as Coral’s online bingo and many other easy-to-use and attractive casino games that, not only look great on the large Samsung display, but can prove surprisingly lucrative too.


Nexus 2016

Google have certainly been determined to keep up with their competitors through their back-to-basics Nexus smartphones that manage to present the Android operating system in relatively straightforward terms without external manufacturer interference.

But the follow-ups to the 5X and 6P devices are hoped to bring a little more innovation to the Nexus line. And already people are speculating that the next Nexus will be a Pixel phone which will mean that Google will be taking a much more central role in the actual manufacturing of the device.

This should hopefully mean that the device will feature the brand’s renowned innovation, and whether it’s for online bingo or just taking a selfie, it seems that 2016’s smartphones will definitely keep us fascinated.


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