An Apple a day may keep more than the Doctor away

For years the name Apple has been synonymous with more than just the fruit that we buy at the supermarkets. Apple has been at the forefront of Technologies with its’ Mac computers and iPhone/iPad releases hitting the markets on a yearly or bi-yearly basis. But recently it seems the firm is languishing as its’ stock price has hit an 18-month low which most investors and spread betting enthusiasts will tell you is quite probably undervaluing the company. With Apple launching several new devices this year, a quick play on the markets with a firm like City Index may leave you enjoying more than just a new tech device this year.


Firstly, it is worth noting that while the stock price is taking a pounding, this is purely taking into account that investors adjudge that Apple is not growing as fast, rather than it is losing money. It’s quarter returns were up just 2% in the first-quarter of 2016 and the second-quarter is looking to post a decline on the previous years’ revenues, but this year is likely to boom in its’ final seasons as the new iPhone 7 is launched. With Apple boasting hundreds of millions of loyal customers, the mid-release ‘S’ models have never quite received the same level of attention that the new editions have done, and with the new model rumoured to boasts better Bluetooth audio capabilities, better front and rear cameras and potentially a 4k screen, Apple’s share price could be in for a pleasant jump.

Just a few years ago, the share price of Apple was being memed on the Internet as ‘CRAAPL’ when the release of the iPhone 5s proved wholeheartedly underwhelming and the stocks bottomed out almost overnight. This same pattern of events can be traced back to the iPhone 6s launch too, but if we look at the boost that subsequently followed when the iPhone 6 was brought out with a whole range of new features, it isn’t too speculative to suggest that the same pattern could be in play this year with the new model coming out.

So if you’ve been tempted at all by this article and are interested in trying to take advantage of what could potentially be a gross undervaluation of the company in some 6-months time, the next step is to either get some stocks or more favourably, wager on them. Spread betting and Trading Forex is a great way to do this and while we have advocated City Index earlier on, there are a ton of great sites available where you can safely and securely place a wager on the markets including Apple.  Just remember that it is worthwhile paying attention to the Education segments that most of the sites feature to ensure that you don’t invest too much or at the wrong time. With the new release not scheduled for another 7 months, you have some time before you need to make your mind up so in the meantime keep coming back to read more of our great articles and for updates on the new models.

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