4 Workplace Trends Companies Should Consider Adopting in 2016


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With more and more baby boomers set to retire in 2016 and increasing numbers of young adults attending and graduating from college, the workplace of today is set to change dramatically over the next few years. The traditional work place is being shaken up as Millennials step into more and more executive positions and Generation Z starts looking for mentors in the jobs of their dreams. The expectations of these younger generations mean a major shift in workplace trends. Here are four trends that all companies should consider adopting in 2016.


  1. Flexibility

The advancement of technology has made working remotely easier than ever. Today it’s possible to complete many tasks without having to set foot in an office. As such, the regular nine-to-five workday is shifting as employees request more flexibility. What was once known as a 40-hour work week is now more like a 48-hour work week. As employees are working more, it is important for employers to have schedule flexibility to avoid burnout and increase employee satisfaction. Flexibility with schedules and leave allows employers to become more competitive in the increasingly competitive field of hiring.


  1. Hiring Boomerang Employees

Boomerang employees, those workers who leave a business and come back to work again at a later date, have often been frowned upon. With the changing of the workforce, however, many businesses ought to consider hiring boomerang employees. The development of social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook make it easy to stay in touch with employees after they leave. In addition, hiring former employees means less training required, and they may be able to bring in a fresh perspective from their experience with other jobs.


  1. Improved Office Design

With the advent of social technology, there isn’t always a lot of face-to-face interaction that goes on, even inside of an office. Employers should consider improving their office designs to create more open workspaces that balance privacy and interactivity. Employees are more likely to have a satisfying work experience when they can speak with coworkers face to face and feel less boxed in.


  1. Maternity and Paternity Leave

Sure to be a hot topic for 2016, more and more businesses are embracing extended maternity leave and also grant paternity leave. Mothers and fathers provide limitless talent, and businesses that punish parents by forcing them to choose between working and staying home longer with a newborn child could be missing out on loyal, hardworking employees. Parents who feel more comfortable with policies regarding maternity and paternity leave may be more likely to stick around with a company for longer.

As a generational shift occurs within the workforce, it’s important for employers to realize that there are bound to be shifts in workplace trends as well. These four areas are a great place for many businesses to start to meet the needs of an entirely new generation of workers.

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