Android Gaming Platform Are Opting For HTML5 – Here’s Why

HTML5 is a front end programming language that is becoming the next best thing for web and mobile developers around the globe. It is miles ahead of Flash which sees less and less use as HTML5 gets newer and better functionality. Popular online casinos are already switching to this particular code since it offers a ton of options previously unavailable, especially in the mobile sector which is a godsend for many. Most apps are continuously being worked on and updated using HTML5 and if you are interested in seeing some of them in action, check out this list of Android casinos for South Africans, where you can find casino review for most online apps, mobile online casinos, each dealing with Rands.


We already started talking about this in the intro but it is true – HTML5 is the king of mobile development. Adobe is already letting Flash die off, seeing the popularity and easy of development for mobile device with HTML5 and this is just the tip of the ice berg. With HTML5 you can develop apps and websites that are accepted across different mobile and desktop OS’s as well as different device manufacturers. You get to use a ton of excellent tags such as viewport (setting up widths and zoom has never been easier on your app); browsing in full screen (iOS especially, which lets you experience your favorite apps in full screen mode); home screen icons for easier approachability of your app and use in your mobile device.

HTML5 also has cross-OS support – no matter which browser you prefer, you can easily develop for all of them. Even if this means older versions cannot take on the full functionality that your app is built upon, the openness and constant upgrades make the transit easier and your continued development – essential.


Also, HTML5 is a really the artistic canvas when it comes to developing game apps. That’s right – the main reason why casino developers have embraced this platform is the development of games using HTML5. With the embedded functionality of audio, video and extensive use of modern graphics, casino devs can create immersive and high quality titles that will entice even the most hard core casino enthusiast.

Speaking of games, with HTML5, interactivity is really on another level – everything that is bound on touch controls and easy access is very simple to implement and you can continue to make it even more accessible. Thanks to the simple use of tags, you can create animations, use Drag and Drop as well as offline storage database functions, and even throw in timed media playback and other previously unimagined options. Last but not least, HTML5 makes everything smaller – not only is the code nicer to write but it is also smaller in length and has the video and audio support embedded so you do not have to worry about non responsive codec’s and other problems that might arise during a users interaction with your app. All in the HTML5 is the way of the future and it is damn apparent that we will all be benefiting – both players and the industry itself from its use.

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