A Love Affair with a Spy

If you have heard the famous introduction, “My name is Bond. James Bond.”, you have undoubtedly seen his most popular vehicle in action, the Aston Martin. In fact, there have been more than 12 appearances of this elite auto in the Bond films, beginning with its introduction in Goldfinger.

An Enduring Romance

While many associate the original Bond, Sean Connery, with the Aston Martin DB5, different models have actually been driven by a number of those filling the role. The actual list of movies and models includes:

• Goldfinger – Aston Martin DB5. Mark III
• Thunderball – Aston Martin DB5
• On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Aston Martin
• The Living Daylights – Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante
• GoldenEye – Aston Martin DB5
• Tomorrow Never Dies – Aston Martin DB5
• The World is Not Enough – Aston Martin DB5
• Die Another Day – Aston Martin V12 Vanquish
• Casino Royale – Aston Martin DB5 and DBS V12
• Quantum of Solace – Aston Martin DBS V12
• Skyfall – Aston Martin DB5
• Spectre – Aston Martin DB5 and DB10

Not Your Average Aston Martin

Of course, for the uses mandated by Bond’s unique occupation, these were not stock vehicles by any means. The fictional Q Service ensured that these luxury automobiles were modified in various ways to help Bond fulfill his missions.

Among the many modifications many found intriguing were the hidden machine guns and the pop-up seat. The latter would probably be a big seller as a way to conveniently dispose of any boring or irritating passengers.

Ironically, many aficionados have made the observation that for all their style and performance, the models selected would not have likely been the first choice of Q. For example, the Mark III mentioned in the Ian Fleming novels was actually designed for racing, not use on the highways.

Too Much of a Good Thing

True Bond fans have also noted that the only use of a vehicle heavily rigged up with gadgets was in the Goldfinger story. Fleming generally avoided too many gadgets in his plots and stories. However, there was so much buzz from this breakout Bond blockbuster that the producers of future tales of the elegant spy incorporated a number of nifty add-ons.

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