Guide To The Top Hosted VoIP Providers

If you feel it’s time to start saving money on your telephone communications and want to say goodbye to your costly phone bill, then a hosted VoIP system may be right for you. A hosted PBX or VoIP phone system allows you to carry a landline without high prices and contract hassles. As a consumer you may feel that you can get by with just your cell phone but sometimes a landline is a must. You don’t have to worry about cell reception or losing calls and a VoIP line has truly cool features incorporated into it. So you’ve checked out some top hosted VoIP providers and read some hosted PBX reviews online, but it still doesn’t really make sense. Keep reading.


A VoIP system utilizes your broadband Internet connection to make calls and become your phone service. Set up is easy; you get a router or phone adapter from a top hosted VoIP provider, power it up, plug it into your Internet router and connect a regular phone. That’s it, your making phone calls and saving money at the same time. Traditional landline plans cost upwards of 30% more per month than a similar VoIP package. A hosted PBX VoIP system also adds a large quantity of features on top of what you could get from a traditional provider. One application allows you to make calls from your desktop computer, laptop, iPad or even a smart phone.

Businesses will find that using a VoIP phone system can allow them to project a professional image to customers wishing to communicate. Features available for businesses include advanced call routing, automated attendants, conference calling, call recording and CRM capabilities. VoIP is the perfect system for businesses due to the large call volumes that are expected. There are major cost savings to be gained when choosing a unified communications or VoIP system. The added protection of multiple redundancies will put your mind at ease and ensure your business communication never experiences downtime. Security and privacy protocols deliver outstanding protection against outside threats. Best of all there is no capital investment required. There is no in house hardware or the requirement for staff to manage it. This is all taken care of by the provider you choose.

There are many choices for hosted PBX systems in Canada but the following stand out as the top hosted VoIP providers.

Ring Central

  • Over 300,000 businesses use Ring Central
  • Offer unlimited calls, fax and SMS
  • Many features available

BroadConnect Telecom

  • Advanced Feature set
  • Available mobile integration
  • Online web portal for easy customization and monitoring
  • Specializing in business VoIP
  • CRM integration


  • Offers unlimited calling to over 70 countries
  • Online user interface
  • Allows local numbers in over 50 countries

  • Cost management tools
  • Available worldwide
  • Allowance for up to 999 sub accounts


  • Call analytics and call features
  • Support based in Canada
  • API and CRM integration

All of the above are the best-reviewed choices for your VoIP communication needs and more detailed information is available online at their respective websites. The above list is meant to bring to light some highly rated providers in Canada. Do your own research to ensure you make a decision that is right for you. A VoIP system is the future of telephone communications and can be a real game changer for your business. Cost saving and advanced features let you do more for less.

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