3 Ways To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly


Having a mobile friendly website is nowadays much more than just good practice. It is a necessity since mobile traffic actually exceeded desktop web traffic, based on a study conducted by comScore. You need to be sure that you always consider the 3 options below and that you act as soon as possible.

Create A Site Version That Is Mobile Friendly

This is basically the quickest method that you have to consider. Various platforms that help you to do just that exist like Duda Mobile and bMobilized.

The highlighted method is very simple but it does mean that you would have 2 separate sites. Updating two websites is difficult. Users will become frustrated as they will find less information or content available on a mobile site version when compared to a desktop site version.

Use CMS Platforms Or Mobile Plugins

All the highly popular CMS systems like Drupal and WordPress include bolt-on options that can make the site mobile friendly without having to resort to 2 different versions. There are some that will include extra mobile experience customization options in order to incorporate the newest mobile device features.

Some examples of options that can be considered to develop a mobile friendly website include:

  • Mobile Plugins For WordPress – JetPack and WPtouch are both highly effective for this option.
  • Mobile Plugins For Joomla – You do have to consider JoomlaShine and Responsivizer since they include really simple methods to increase site mobile functionality.
  • Mobile Plugins For Drupal – 2 modules are available in MobileTheme and ThemeKey.

Use Mobile First Responsive Web Design

When you want to create a mobile friendly website, this is the main option that has to be considered. We say this because the other 2 options are only stopgaps. Consider them until the site can be completely redesigned with the purpose of having a mobile first responsive web design.

When you design the site with this mobile first approach, the content will be organized in a way that takes into account the device of the visitor with the purpose of offering a suitable viewing experience.

Responsive web design gives access to the best mobile level experience while also making it really easy to enhance functionality and design when screen size is increased. When you use the plugin approach, users can have an experience that is inconsistent if an inappropriate device is used. This can be completely avoided with the use of responsive web design.

You Need To Act Now

You have to analyze the exact situation you are in and think about both the advantages and the disadvantages associated with the method you will utilize. Any site needs to be mobile-optimized. The current site you have will always have to be analyzed so that content is evaluated on a timely basis.

It is really important that you are patient but you also have to be sure that you will make the best possible choice. Although mobile first responsive web design is exactly what you want, based on the site you own, it can be difficult to make the transformation.

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