Apps for Those Who Tend To Get Lost

If you’ve got no sense of direction or are simply useless at navigating a map, you’ve probably spent far more time getting to your destination than most. Standalone GPS devices do have plenty of pros but real-time information can be hard to come by as updates are not as frequent as one would want. Nowadays, there’s an entire stable of smartphone supported GPS apps that provide voice-enabled turn-by-turn directions and a flurry of useful features so that you can get to where you are meant to be in a flash.

Some rely on crowd sourced data, while others are so naturally smart they even provide uncongested shortcuts to enable users to arrive on time and without breaking into a sweat. We’ve compiled a list of awesome apps that are user friendly, feature-rich and free, so check out your options right now and get to your destination safely; notwithstanding your location, mode of travel or navigational skills:



Scout is a GPS app developed by Telenav and designed specifically for in-vehicle navigation. Despite an interface similar to that of standalone options, the dashboard is overflowing with helpful information. You can quickly gauge the travel time to work or your home and find the nearest mapped coffee shops, restaurants, petrol stations and B&Bs according to your current location. There’s even a feature that identifies the most appropriate short cuts to your destination according to traffic flow, so that you get there safely and on time. In addition, you can tap into a couple of social features such as OnMyWay, a real-time ETA sharing feature that’ll alert clients, family and friends of your impending arrival. It’s a great little app for car commuters that may not have all the whistles and bells of some of its competitors but it works…..and works well!


GPS Essentials

GPS Essentials may have a slightly dated interface but it has the functionality and easy appeal of latest generation GPS apps. You can keep an eye on all sorts of helpful stats that vary from ETA and average speed and distance travelled to the phase of the moon, so that you can plan when the visibility will be at its best for those exciting night excursions. You’ll find all the mainstream navigation features but if you’re looking for driver-based application, GPS Essentials may not fit the bill as it largely targets the outdoor-adventure market where cat’s eyes are those of a cougar!



Moovit is a cross-nationality commute app that provides real-time crowd sourced data of public transport options in 55 countries. It’s the ideal tool for international travellers finding their way in major metros such as New York, London and Paris. You’ll be able to find scheduled arrival and departure times of trains, busses and ferries and get detailed directions to the closest stop or station according to your current location. An added advantage is anytime access to live community alerts and advisories that pinpoint delays, long queues and possible dangers. If you can’t find your hotel, the Louvre or the New York Museum of Modern Art, there’s a multi-point search facility where you can search according to address, place name or station. It’s a popular app that’s been downloaded by millions of people all over the world.

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