How Call Centers Can Help your Small Business

imagesCustomers can demand a lot and it can get hard to keep up. This burden is felt more by small businesses since they don’t always have the staff capacity for handling a lot of customer requests. They often have only a specific amount of staff for running the business operations, however, when it comes to interacting with customers, it can pull employees away from their own tasks and can be time consuming. For small businesses that seek more capacity but are reluctant to hire more employees, call centers make the perfect option.

Call centers increase employee productivity by allowing them to focus on other areas. Take a store for instance. Your phone might be ringing off the hook all day with customers who have questions or want to place orders. This can be ideal for profit, but not for productivity. When you take time to answer phone calls and place orders, it’s hard to get anything else done. You are unable to focus on implementing new initiatives, growing your business, getting necessary paperwork done or anything else that runs the business. For situations like this, a call center such as image-24 can really be helpful. They can handle the phone orders, customer questions and feedback for your business allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of the business operation.

How Call Centers Help your Business

  1. Saves on Personnel Costs

One of the biggest expenditures of a business is hiring employees since it means hiring them and paying for taxes, wages and benefits as well as doing ongoing paperwork and training them. The administrative burden is released when you work with a call center.

  1. Enables you and your staff to utilize your time for effectively.

Having to handle a large volume of calls as well as trying to fit in other duties can make your employees less productive and leave very little time for growing your business.

  1. Provides 24/7 Customer Support

Small business websites, by their own nature, are open 24/7/365 for business. However, this is not always the case for staff. Hiring your own 3-shift contact center is a huge commitment and due to frequent narrow e-commerce margins, could contribute enough overhead costs that it would put profitability at a loss. Not to mention, there are usually swings in activity and you would be paying your in-house staff regardless, whereas outsourcing to a call center you typically only pay for work done and not idle time.

  1. Helps Build Business Credibility

Even if you are running a smaller start-up business from your kitchen table, you can still come across as a much larger entity. A great support team will help to build up your company’s credibility. Most customers are not interested in the size of the company, just that it can provide what they need and get the job done.

A call center would serve as your company’s primary point of contact. When you outsource to a call center, you make all interactions convenient and fast. Call center representatives will serve as representatives of your brand and business so it’s important to hire agents that are most qualified for your business needs. There are already a lot of challenges that small businesses have to overcome. Having the ability to serve customers to meet their needs and expectations shouldn’t be another challenge.

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