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Men are a God’s creation that is totally different from women. The ingredients of parenthood that God has put in a woman are really difficult to find in a man. Taking this same point a step further, life is not the same for a single father as it is for a single mother. A father considers job well done when he comes home from work. If he has to come home after work and take care of his child as well, he can’t possibly do that in a good way. If you are a willing dad who wants to add his share in the upbringing of your child, then you need the services of a cell phone spy software to help you keep an eye on the activities of your child.

How is Xnspy helpful?

Xnspy helps parents gain access to the entire cell phone data of their child including their exact location at any time they want. All parents need to do is register for an Xnspy account and download this software in their child’s cell phone. Now they can access their child’s cell phone data from anywhere in the world provided there is an internet connection there. Due to the discreet nature of this cell phone spy, your child will never find about the presence of this software in their cell phone.


This spy software runs brilliantly with the latest cell phone models. These include:

  • All the iPhone models having an operating system of iOS 6.0 or more. All iPhone 3, 4, 5 and 6 series models are included in this.
  • All the Android phones having an operating system of 2.3 and above. This includes most phones by HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Google amongst others.

Helpful features:

Xnspy brings with it some really helpful features for its users. With these features you can:

  • View all the calls made to and from your child’s cell phone with the time and duration of each call. You even have the option to record a particular call if you intend to.
  • Trace the exact location of your child at any time you want to. This feature works with the help of the GPS in your child’s cell phone.
  • Record all the surroundings of your child’s cell phone whenever you want to.
  • Access all the SMS messages sent and received by your child from their cell phone. You can even view the messages saved in drafts.
  • View all the phone numbers in your child’s contacts list.
  • Access the entire web browsing history of your child.

Keep an eye:

Xnspy makes parenting fairly easy for a single father. Although you will have to do the basics as they are meant to be done, but a cell phone spy can help you keep an eye on your child when they are not in front of your eyes. God Bless Xnspy.

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