Several Things You Need to be Aware of about SEO in 2015

It isn’t easy to keep track of the fast pace with which the SEO industry evolves. However, this is a requirement for anyone who strives to maintain competitive edge these days.

If your brand is to be successful online, you need to adopt a solid search engine optimization strategy, and the points below will help you better understand the need for SEO and how it reflects on businesses.


Optimize mobile traffic

Perhaps you already know that brands need to have a strong mobile strategy. This is especially true in 2015. A recent announcement by Google made it clear that without mobile optimization your search ranking will suffer.

Those who want to stand ahead of the pack will invest in mobile-ready, responsive websites. There are, however, some other matters such as:

– Page load time – A recent study has concluded that the majority of websites with responsive designs were considered to be too slow when subjected to a speed test tool. One should always be mindful that page speed is an important SEO indicator, which is why the speed with which a page loads is a priority for SEO professionals.

– Popups – Google strives to get the visitor to the information he looks for in the fastest possible way. Your intention to have a visitor sign up for an event is of no importance to the search engine. Try not to add additional barriers to those who search for your information.

– Various content types – Steer away from content unsupported by mobile devices like videos a user is unable to play. If it is hard for a search engine to quickly find what it is after, your ranking will go down.


Be knowledgeable about negative SEO monitoring and Google penalty.

Google penalty and negative SEO can smash your rankings quite fast. For the majority of online businesses, this is what matters the most. It is possible to discover the problem in time but only through proper monitoring. Take your time to learn how to do it.


Discard keyword rankings in favor of ROI measurements.

It is very important to track visitors over an extended period of time. Doing so will allow you to learn:

– The original search phrase visitors used to land on your website.

– What kind of goal has been completed by a user that led to revenue?

– What did the user do after this initial purchase. Try to calculate his or hers total value.

To do this, you can purchase a tool like KISSMetrics or invest in your own tracking system.


Traditional PR is important to link building. Use it!

Building relationships is a main focus of traditional public relations. On the other hand, the aim of link building is to build SEO through acquiring links from relevant and authoritative websites. Try to combine them. It will create a powerful strategy that brings together the best of both.

For the reason that Google introduces countless minor changes every year, it is vital to use a Google penalty checker to see whether your site has been affected. If it is so, then it is time you clamp down on inferior content.

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