IBM’s hybrid cloud[Sponsored Video]

Cloud is the latest IT infrastructure designed for rapid delivery of computing resources through the internet. IBM with its innovative culture has just created a simplified manner of delivering cloud enterprise services and solutions to harness the unbounded scale of cloud computing. The firm’s reputation has earned its brand for differentiated quality and client-focus business design.

In light of the quick progress and demand for cloud readiness, IBM has just introduced the High Performance Computing Cloud (HPC Cloud) it’s IBM’s hybrid cloud offering for the enterprise, combining cutting edge technology and up-to-date security with unlimited storage, encrypted resources and networking tools, and scalable computing power that can use any number of parallel servers according to demand. It’s a cost-effective solution for industries that have complex software, modeling or data processing needs.

In its initiative to improve its cloud computing readiness, IBM has just opened a large cloud research facility in Singapore and a core cloud facility in Raleigh, N.C. data center, and a new cloud certification program.

IBM is also known for partnerships to further develop its innovations, with the company’s HPC Cloud technology —-the firm taps the engineering student from France’s Ecole Des Mines, researchers and industries under the guidance of Professor Elie Hachem, he’s known to devise and create an online space which would provide powerful computing power, at an efficient pay-as-you-need model, which would then reduce the costs for the school.

You can check out the full details through the video above, it is all about Aeromines, —-it is a transformational project for students, researchers and the industries that work with them.

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