World’s most versatile smartphone camera rig

BeastGrip Pro has just been on Kickstarter with still 15 days left, ultimately the project has received enormous support that it has smashed funding goal within 24 hours with over $140,000 as we speak.


Beastgrip Pro is the world’s most versatile camera lens adapter/rig system for all smartphones. With Beastgrip Pro, Beastgrip conversion lenses and our DOF (Depth of Field) adapter, you can go from a basic tripod mount to a full-featured, professional set-up in no time flat.  Its modular design supports anything from popular add-on lenses, to external mics and flash systems – no matter what the project, you’ll be good to go!   From vacation videos to feature length films, Beastgrip Pro is the last smartphone camera rig you’ll ever buy.

If you to know more or if you want to be one of the backers, you can check out its Kickstarted page here.

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