The Laziest PC Gadgets


We live in a world which loves a gadget. Whether it be in our homes, cars, kitchens, even bathrooms (have you seen those Japanese toilets?), we’re obsessed with having the latest and greatest little titbits in our home, and when it comes to PCs and gaming, it’s no different.

We’re continually being thrown new devices to help with our computing, some amazing and life/work changing bits of kit, and some just to make us that little bit lazier. To compute in comfort. And we like that.

Which is why we’ve compiled a list of gadgets to make our gaming or working even less strenuous. And who knows, in future you will probably be reading this article with a nice USB-cooled drink in your big, lazy chair.

The Sofa Surfer


The sofa surfer may be in the urban dictionary claiming it’s a young professional who can’t afford to rent, instead spending their days as a middle-class hobo crawling friends sofas every evening, but it’s also so much more.

Enter the more appealing sofa surfer, the one that doesn’t slabber on your luxury cotton cushions at night, but rather one that sits on your lap and means you don’t have to travel all the way to the computer to use it.

Perfect for gaming, you can sit in comfort with a keyboard and a mouse which has a solid surface, meaning you can spend hours and hours playing in the best UK casinos, with not even the need for an uncomfortable, bum numbing desk chair. To use a casino analogy, it’s the ace of hearts. Our hearts anyway.



Of course if you don’t need to leave your sofa, then you need a good one. The La-Z-Boy is the ultimate man-chair. It’s the chair that places your ass firmly in heaven. And of course heaven is a place where there’s gaming aplenty and beer cooling in the arm of your chair.

To say a La-Z-Boy Cool Chair is perfect may be a little far, but it’s as close to as you can get it. You only have to watch that episode of Friends to see that.

The USB Fridge


But if there’s not enough room in your La-Z-Boy for one last can, then simply plug in the USB fridge to your laptop or computer and it’ll chill itself nicely ready for when you need to take a break from shooting zombies and need a sip.

And with hundreds of designs available online (you only need to look on Amazon) you’ll be able to find the ideal one to match your room, sofa, and tastes.

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