MetAir Solstice: The Ultimate Battery Pack


The world is in crisis … With a rise in frequency and severity of natural disasters and an overwhelming need to “get away” and de-stress, the demand for portable power – to keep devices charged so that you can stay connected and informed – is staggering.  MetAir Solstice is here to have its mission to bring safety, security, and peace of mind to those who have none.

The new MetAir Solstice LED light and USB charger contains the world’s most powerful disposable power supply.  Lightweight and compact, the MetAir Solstice converts the AIR we breathe into electric battery power to charge any USB powered device.  No solar. No fuels. No recharging.  Just reliable, eco-friendly, portable power designed to charge 28 cell phones, or 6 iPad Air tablets, or run its ultra-bright LED lights for more than 125 hours straight, that’s three weeks of light at six hours per night!

A single disposable MetAir battery cartridge is equivalent to 45 D-cell batteries under a 1 amp load … that’s a lot of power!  Through hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes, fires, floods or whenever you’re off the grid, the MetAir Solstice is designed to keep you powered and connected.

Find out why emergency responders and a former Navy Seal are talking about the MetAir Solstice and its impact on safety, reliability and peace of mind.  See Kickstarter.


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