How to Lower Computer Temperatures


If you want to use your computer for long period of time, you need to take care of it. It is recommended that you do regular maintenance procedures, so you can maintain the quality of this device. It is also important for you to learn how to lower computer temperatures easily. There are some useful tips that can help you avoid overheating problem on your computer. Keep reading this article and follow some of these simple tips. You don’t need to spend a lot of time or money to keep your PC running cool.

1. Clean your computer regularly

According to, this is the easiest way that you can lower the temperature of your computer. Some impurities, such as dust, dirt, hair, and other materials can block the airflow in your computer. As the result, the heat is going to accumulate inside this device. An overheated computer can be dangerous for all parts inside this device. Due to this reason, you need to clean your computer regularly. You can open the case of your PC and clean the parts inside this case. Pay special attention to removing the dust on the fans and heatsinks. Also, make sure you unplug your computer before opening up! It is also recommended that you check out the owner’s manual before cleaning all parts of your PC.

2. Upgrade the CPU Fan

When you want to lower the temperature of your processor, a better CPU fan can go a long way. This is an important part of your computer because it can increase the airflow directed at your CPU and inside your case in general. You can find many types of CPU fans that are available on the market these days. CPU fans are relatively cheap. Just make sure you read the reviews and pick the right CPU Fan for your processor.

Install More Case Fans

The key to keeping your PC cool is airflow. Another really cheap way to increase airflow and keep your computer cool is by adding a few extra case fans. If your tower doesn’t have any room for any more fans, you may also be able to install more powerful fans to increase airflow. As mentioned above, case fans are super cheap and really easy to install.

Bonus: Install a water cooling kit

A water cooling kit is specially designed to cool down your computer effectively. Water can dissipate heat inside your computer very well. When this cooling kit is installed properly, it can be used to reduce the temperature of your computer significantly. However, one thing to keep in mind is that water cooling isn’t as cheap as the other options listed in this guide. Also, it may be a bit more challenging to install than a simple CPU fan or case fans. However, if you really want your PC to stay cool, a good water cooling system will surely do the trick.

Cooling down your computer should not be a complicated task. Maintaining a good temperature of your computer can help you improve the durability and life of your PC. You can also improve the overall performance of your computer. It is recommended that you monitor the CPU temperature inside your computer regularly. There are some applications that can help you monitor this temperature easily like CoreTemp and RealTemp.


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