The Coolest Way to Share Your Photos[Sponsored]

If you heard about Crunchfish, then you should know how passionate the company about ‘touchless interaction’. The award-winning company has been providing intuitive touchless solutions since 2010 to mobile manufacturers and developers worldwide. And today, we’ll be talking about Crunchfish’s tech within an iOS application called GoCam feat. aBubbl.

GoCam feat. aBubbl is an iOS application that lets you capture and share photos instantly to everyone in a bubble around you with one simple gesture. It’s a new and exciting way of photo sharing with your friends.

Your iOS device’s built-in camera works as a sensor to detect your hand gestures with allowable distance of 30cm up to 3 meters. Just by doing a “Grab” gesture you can take photos or videos and share it on GoCam users within few meters. When on dark or certain conditions you can also touch to take photos using the hand icon. There’s also a photo editing tools, filters and fun Aviary stickers.

In order to receive photos make sure that your aBubbl share icon in the camera top bar is blue and all necessary privacy settings are okay, like access to camera to take and control the camera with gestures, access to your photos to let the GoCam save and share photos on your gallery, access to your location and Bluetooth to receive photos from other GoCam users. Allow GoCam to always access your location to receive a notification from the lock screen if someone shares a photo with you.

Check out also this street magic by Crunchfish for GoCam, excuse the strong language:

This post has been sponsored by Crunchfish, but concerns our own opinion.

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