Ajax as a Web Development Technique


Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a revolutionary web development technique used to create better, faster and more interactive web applications with the assistance of XML, HTML, CSS, DOM, JSON, JavaScript and even plain text. JavaScript are usually loosely typed scripting language with its function called when an event in a page occurs and it is considered as the glue for the whole AJAX operation, whereas DOM is the application programming interface used for accessing and manipulating structured documents, and it represents the structure of XML and HTML documents. A clear separation of the presentation style is granted by CSS from the content and may be changed methodically by JavaScript, whereas XMLHttpRequest (XHR) is a JavaScript object that performs asynchronous interaction with the server.

The main difference between conventional web application and AJAX is with the interaction with the server. A conventional web application transmit information to and from the server using request where you can fill out a form, press submit and get guided to a new page with new information from the server, whereas with AJAX when you press submit, JavaScript will make a request to the server, interpret the results and update the current screen, and in this way the user will never know that anything was ever transmitted to the server. AJAX has been proven to provide a natural and intuitive user interaction, and it is data-driven as opposed to page driven. The web development approach of AJAX improve rich interactivity and responsiveness of web applications and at the same time its techniques increases the whole of the hidden web by fragmentizing the metaphor of a web page upon which general search engines are based.

Many online gaming sites uses web pages which require to be reloaded to update their content, which means that its users have to manually reload the website to have new update which causes inconvenience as users never know exactly when updated contents are added. Some major sites like Google Maps and Gmail have used XMLHttpRequest which forms part of the AJAX technology to get new map tiles and new emails without having to reload the entire page as the XMLHttpRequest object allows browsers to correspond with the server without soliciting a page reload.

One brand new online casino that has adopted AJAX web development techniques is called Magical Vegas, where its players are allowed to continue using the website while the client program requests information from the server in the background, which does not affect the players in any way and provides them with immediate updates without having to reload the page. Ajax is considered as the most viable rich internet application technology and this web development technique is widely used by Magical Vegas where the players do not need to click, wait and refresh, but instead the XMLHttpRequest object works in the background by effecting asynchronous communication with the backend server thus it does not interrupt the players’ gameplays.

Magical Vegas makes good use of AJAX and it is also search engine friendly as it uses an HTML 5 JavaScript function called pushState which helps search engines to crawl and index the same URL used by the players. Magical Vegas can consider itself as a fully responsive website which means that it can be accessed on all the devices and has a same set of URLs irrespective of the device used. Only a few selected gaming sites have been able to implement AJAX and Magical Vegas is one of those privileged sites that have successfully adopted AJAX development technique.

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